Simply Install

Simply Install 4.6

A good alternative to HotSync

Installing PalmOS programs and databases takes too long? You don't want to HotSync the whole handheld?

Simply Install - Pilot Install speeds up the installation of Palm programs, databases, pictures and other data by bypassing HotSync.
Simply Install - Pilot Install installs file types like PRC, PDB, PQA, ZIP, PIA, MIDI, TXT, BMP, JPG (JPEG)

Additonally Simply Install - Pilot Install enables you to send pictures (jpg, png or bmp) directly to a PDA. It converts the pictures in a way, that you do not need a viewer application on the handheld. Each picture is it's own program and it can be beam to any other handheld.

It also supports PIA (Pilot Install Archive): download complete software packages directly to the PDA.

Key features include:

  • Install pictures on the fly!
  • No PDA picture viewer required!
  • Don't care about color, size, grey, b/w
  • Simply beam your pictures, no matter, if the other PDA has a picture viewer installed
  • Choose compressed (for saving space) or uncompressed (for speed)
  • ZIP compatible
  • Recent file list
  • Select the baud rate up to 256000
  • Progress indicator (with time measure)
  • Drag 'n' Drop
  • TXT to DOC conversion during upload
  • Add MIDI sounds to the system database (alarm)
  • Can also start from command line
  • Can replace Palm Install Tool
  • No DLL (or Palm Desktop) needed!
  • Infrared - W2K support
  • Supports and manages HotSync's backup folder
  • Syncs PDA time and date with the desktop

A simple way of installing applications on your Palm PDA.

Simply Install


Simply Install 4.6

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